Without a healthy mind and well being, one simply cannot be as productive as they need to be to excel in both their life and business. Many aspects of day-to-day life add copious amounts of stress. This stress in turn degrades one’s well being and mental health, ultimately compromising their business’s growth. However, there are many things one can do to reduce their stress levels, which will improve their overall well being.


According to one in-depth survey, both unpredictability and deadlines were the number one and three biggest causes of work-related stress. Generally speaking, workload falls into two categories: physical and mental. Although it’s extremely important to get sufficient periods of rest, aside from sleep, mental workload has shown to strengthen one’s psychological workload and capacity. Distractions, such as emails and phone calls, can make work particularly stressful as well. It’s those really inefficient, painful workdays that build the discipline and mental capacity to get things done. Normal days will just seem that much easier after pushing through a hectic day or week. Again, remember to allow for mental and physical rest.

Forget About Comparisons

Comparison only opens the door for negativity, such as envy or self-doubt. There will always be someone out there who makes more money, just like there’s always someone out there who makes less money. Each individual should focus on themselves, not others. Comparison can be extremely counterproductive to one’s business. Social media sites, such as Facebook, tend to make people compare themselves to others. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. It does absolutely nothing but impede one’s way to success by attacking their mental health.

Manage Time Wisely

One of the best ways to beat stress related to deadlines and unpredictability, the number one and three biggest causes of work-related stress, is to manage time wisely. Ideally, there should be zero tolerance for procrastination, a time management disorder that only leads to a stressed and self-loathing mentality. Managing time wisely will give one the level of confidence and fulfillment they need. There’s nothing as rewarding as knowing everything got done at the end of the day.

There are hundreds of more ways to reduce work-related stress. However, these three are the biggest aspects to having a healthy mind, therefore healthy business. In a nutshell, a strong mindset and business requires both discipline and recovery to grow and excel.