Deep Marwaha | Wellness Entrepreneur

Deep Marwaha is active in the wellness/fitness tourism industry.

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A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Business

A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Business

Without a healthy mind and well being, one simply cannot be as productive as they need to be to excel in both their life and business. Many aspects of day-to-day life add copious amounts of stress. This stress in turn degrades one’s well being and mental health, ultimately compromising their business’s growth. However, there are […]

business skills

Business Skills Entrepreneurs Should Have

The idea of owning your own business, or being an entrepreneur is one that everyone fantasizes about; however, the duties it entails aren’t for everyone. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an understanding of several skills. Whether you just started out or have been in the entrepreneurial game for some time, these are the skills most […]

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