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4 Best Places to Unplug Deep Marwaha

4 Best Places to Unplug

Overstressed and overworked? Need a break from your ordinary life? Look no further than these four fabulous getaways to help you unplug completely. Accessible only by boat, Giethoorn is an idyllic village located in the Dutch province of Overijssel, about five kilometers from Steenwirjk. Founded by a group of Mediterranean fugitives in 1230, it only […]

A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Business

A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Business

Without a healthy mind and well being, one simply cannot be as productive as they need to be to excel in both their life and business. Many aspects of day-to-day life add copious amounts of stress. This stress in turn degrades one’s well being and mental health, ultimately compromising their business’s growth. However, there are […]

business skills

Business Skills Entrepreneurs Should Have

The idea of owning your own business, or being an entrepreneur is one that everyone fantasizes about; however, the duties it entails aren’t for everyone. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an understanding of several skills. Whether you just started out or have been in the entrepreneurial game for some time, these are the skills most […]

Deep Marwaha- The Economic Effects of Wellness Tourism

The Economic Effects of Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism provides immense benefits to the traveler who decides to take a vacation devoted to the advancement of their health and wellbeing; generally, those who embrace wellness in their travels return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and committed to a healthier lifestyle. Wellness tourism, as a sector of the travel industry, extends its reach far […]

Deep Marwaha: 4 steps to startup success

Four Steps to Startup Success

All great businesses begin as ideas. It sounds incredibly simple, but it’s true. The complicated part is understanding the bridge all entrepreneurs must cross to get from the idea stage to an established business. When only 12% of all first-time entrepreneurs succeed with their startups, it raises the question of what one must do. Unfortunately, […]

Deep Marwaha: The Most Relaxing Destinations Around the World

The Most Relaxing Destinations Around the World

Some vacations are about getting out and taking in new sites, gaining a greater cultural awareness. You may barely get a chance to catch your breath, but it will be worth it at the end of the day when you fall into bed remembering everything you got to experience. Wellness tourism takes a different approach […]

Deep Marwaha: Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the Workplace

As an entrepreneur in the wellness tourism industry, I am a firm believer in implementing wellness into one’s everyday life. Ever since visiting a Thai wellness facility in 2015, I have been an advocate for embracing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I am committed to establishing my own wellness facility in Dubai; however, wellness is more […]

Deep Marwaha: Must-See Attractions in Dubai

Must-See Attractions in Dubai

Ranked at the fourth most visited city in the world, Dubai boasts incredible landmarks and attractions that bring in over 14.2 million tourists annually. No matter if you are visiting Dubai for your next solo adventure, romantic getaway, or even family vacation, here is a list of attractions you cannot afford to miss: The Dubai […]

Deep Marwaha- Work Stress Feeds Into Wellness Tourism Industry

Work Stress Feeds Into Wellness Tourism Industry

Have you ever wondered why so many offices offer their employees cool perks like fitness centers, snacks, meditation spaces, even nap pods? It isn’t hard to put two and two together. These benefits are all nice, but they’re in place to accommodate work stress. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, work stress, defined as “The adverse […]

Deep Marwaha- How to implement wellness into your everyday life

How to Implement Wellness Into Your Everyday Life

Wellness tourism is taking off around the world, with centers dedicated exclusively to wellness opening up to offer travelers a spectrum of health-oriented activities including fitness and sports, spa treatments, nutritious dining options, yoga, meditation, stress relief, and health education. Some already-established hotels are implementing wellness into their accommodations while other centers dedicated exclusively to […]

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