Deep MarwahaDeep Marwaha, a seasoned business executive with over a decade of professional experience, is currently carving out his niche in the wellness/fitness tourism industry.

Following an eye-opening trip to a Thai wellness facility in 2015, Deep realized two things: he was ready to embrace a healthier, more mindful lifestyle for the long term– and he wanted to create new opportunities for others to do so as well. Spurred by his entrepreneurial spirit and buffered by a professional history in business management, Deep is working on founding his own health and fitness clinic. He is currently in the process of pitching for investment into this ideal destination for domestic and international wellness tourists.

The services that will be offered through this clinic are one-of-a-kind. Global wellness tourism currently accounts for about 14% of tourism expenditures and is quickly growing. Yet, despite Dubai’s status as the fourth most visited city in the world, there are currently no other businesses in the city that offer the same amenities as this clinic will offer. From detox and cleansing to weight loss to total fitness plans, the clinic’s customized programs will be valuable resources for people on any step of their wellness journey.

Deep is proud to make a difference locally and increase the overall presence of wellness tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates, which already boasts the largest market size in the MENA region. With his knowledge and understanding of the market dynamics that drive wellness tourism, he and his team will be able to create a relaxing, stress-free clinic that meets all of the needs of its customers.

Deep Marwaha was born and raised in London, England. He attended Latymer Upper School in London and then earned a Diploma in Business Management from Middlesex University. After completing his education, Deep spent the next few years traveling and working in Perth, Australia. He first worked in general management within the medical recruitment industry, and then altered his focus to finance and real estate. He relocated to Dubai for a work opportunity with multinational publishing and events company Informa PLC, and has remained in the dynamic city ever since. Deep’s cross-cultural experience and love of travel has uniquely suited him to meet the needs of the tourism industry.

Outside of his work with the new wellness clinic, Deep Marwaha is Co-Owner and Managing Partner for Dubai Muscle Show, Dubai’s only international bodybuilding and fitness show. The next Dubai Muscle show will take place on 8-9 December 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Center.